3rd International School on Hemophysics

The Third International School on HemoPhysics will be held in Montpellier, France, 17-20 December, 2024. It will be dedicated to Hemostasis.

December 17, 2024 - December 20, 2024    


17-20 December 2024 | Montpellier, France

Lectures will be given by highly renowned researchers of the field, with a target audience of Master/PhD students, Researchers, Physicians and Engineers. The addressed topics will include venous and arterial thrombosis, blood clotting, coagulation, thrombo-inflammation, thrombosis multiscale modeling, hemocompatibility and biomaterials, among others. In addition to the lectures, poster sessions will be organized so that the audience can discuss their research and benefit from the expertise of the lecturers.

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