Information about the society

The Austrian Society of Rheology was founded in 2022 at a meeting in Graz of 23 Austrian scientists. Our goal is to encourage research, disseminate knowledge and promote progress in Rheology.

The Austrian Society for Rheology is a communication platform. At our annual meeting, we share results and completed projects, but also offer a “think tank” for new ideas*. The society is a place where ideas are offered and discussed in a free and collegial atmosphere between members to formulate new approaches that can eventually lead to joint projects or that directly fertilize our present work. This is made possible by the contribution of the members, who have different education, training and specializations and are active in different application areas of rheology. You can find out more about the member labs and what we like to share here. In addition to the annual meetings, we organize occasional workshops on specific topics and we cordially welcome international members, as well.

according to the words: “Man muss seiner Intuition und seinen Spinnereien ein bisschen vertrauen” – Nobel Prize winner Anton Zeilinger, 2022